The enterprise edition

it's the unlimited plan that gets you everything we have to offer

unlimited accounts, unlimited screens, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited advertisers, unlimited SignagePlayers, unlimited campaigns, unlimited users, unlimited businesses, unlimited branding, unlimited... everything.

It's simply, unlimited Digital Signage!

The mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition is only $99.00 a month and will give you access to the most advanced features we have to offer, so upgrade your account now. Of course the mediaCLOUD (non Enterprise edition) is completely FREE; and with it you get unlimited screens and pay nothing. If you haven’t done it already, go ahead and open your FREE account on the mediaCLOUD.  But, if you decide to upgrade to the Enterprise edition you will gain access to the more advanced features.

The industry of Digital Signage is still young and many opportunities exist. Start your own network and build a solid foundation for a successful business on a solid product. The Enterprise edition is inexpensive, so now you can provide your own Enterprise level Digital Signage network while not breaking your bank.

We do not interfere with your business model. This means that you can OEM the software, distribute it, white label it, license it annually, sell it with service contracts or find other ways that will accommodate your bushiness needs.

The bottom line is that we provide the tools that you need to make money and succeed. 
We do not consider ourselves your partner. Partners take shares in your profits; they are involved in your operations and have a say on how you run your business; instead we see ourselves as a company that is committed to your success as our business depends on it.

Enterprise edition - benefits

Upgrade to the Enterprise edition and take advantage of advanced features like the Advertising engine, multi user management, access control keys, private branding and more. The Enterprise edition also provides you with service benefits like phone support , mediaSTORE and SDK / API access.