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Keep Every Patron In The Know

Keeping your guests informed will be easier and more fun than ever with your new digital signage. You can upload videos of past guests having fun in your resort’s bars or pool areas, share photos of families having dinner in your hotel restaurants or browsing the gift shops, or simply put room service menus up on the screens. The possibilities are endless, and you can change things as you need to instantly.

Get Current News and Events

Displaying news broadcasts on your digital screens will keep your patrons aware of everything going on in the world around them. Display everything from the Wall Street Journal to ESPN, and cater each screen to its specific location. For example, a digital screen in a bar can be set on a sports station, or the bar manager can easily add things like happy hour specials to the changing graphic display.

Get Your Guests on Social Media

When people vacationers visit your lodging facility, they will take lots of pics for their family and friends back at home. With your new digital signage, you can set up a special hashtag for your resort, then get your customers to take their photos in the lobby area. Of course, you can manually control which images appear on the screens in your hotel.

Help Guests Navigate

Many of your guests are from out of town and have never visited your hotel property before. Some of them are likely to get lost, especially the younger ones. You now have the ability to create a wayfinding device (including touchscreen, if you wish) that has interactive directions around the facility.

Create a Lovely Guest Experience

Wherever your guests are on the resort property, their overall experience will be enhanced greatly by being able to reference your lovely digital screens when they need to. Their stay at your venue will also be affected by how easily it is to relay information to your employees, a task that is tackled fluidly with our advanced digital signage software.

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