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Wayfinding Directories

Patients and hospital visitors always seem to get lost. Staff members are also sometimes so busy and frazzled that even they need directions, and these are the folks who work there every day! This is where your digital signage comes in handy. Program specific wayfinding info onto your screens (and even include interactivity, if you so desire) and/or organize a dashboard of the locations of specific clinics and physicians. The possibilities are truly endless.

Use Graphics Effectively

The waiting room is the place where your new healthcare digital signage will have a huge impact. For example, you may decide to post patient names and their corresponding wait times. Or, you might want to showcase helpful wellness or healthcare tips on-screen.

Showcase Health-Related News

There are thousands of news outlets, blogs, and sites with content that relates to healthcare. Putting this type of attractive info on the screen lets both staff and patients stay abreast of latest health news. A certain image may even influence a patient to ask you questions that may end up greatly helping their health.

Weather Updates

You more than likely have patients who are under the weather, so it’s only right to display those updates to your digital healthcare signage. How many times per hour they show on the screen will be up to you, plus everyone will know if they need a jacket or an umbrella when they leave the hospital.

Easily Connect to the Internet

Your website is one of the things that are vital to your business. And, with a nice digital display (or a few of them) around your medical facility, it will be a snap showing off your and combining your website graphics and content on your digital display simultaneously. This is just one of the ways that digital signage can ultimately enhance your business.

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