Gas stations

smart components you should use:

social • rss/mrss feeds • clock • hd video • hd images • touch • live tv

At the Pump

Gas stations get very busy, deliver timely messages to gas station patrons while they fuel-up with customer-centric digital signage at the pump. Upsell and cross-sell various fuel additives as well as food items from inside. The dwell time is short, but the ability to provide impactful messages should be incentive enough to install yours at the pump.

Get Social

Hashtags are the new norm when connecting your gas station customers. Whether they’re talking about prices or deals, the content will be displayed on your signage. Although the visit to the station itself may be short, the conversation in comparing gas prices is one that will go on continuously on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets can now be showcased on your network. You will have more control over the conversation, ensuring you maintain brand equity.

Show Specials

Whether the current specials are referring to your gas rates or other items within the adjacent convenient store--such as snacks or sodas--you will want to give customers the updated prices in real-time on your digital signage display. One of the best ways to do this is to position the sign in a conspicuous place like the lobby, or in a position where they can see the screen while they pump gas.

Answer Questions

As your customers stand in the line at your gas station, there are only so many items they can see from their position in front of the counter. For example, a cold drink is one that they can’t view if they don’t walk to the cooler themselves. That customer may not even know what different kinds of beverages your convenience store has when they first step inside. But, with your new digital signage, an icy cold drink on the huge, attractive display will make their thirsty palate crave one!

Maps and Directions

There are many times when your gas stations’ customer service reps will get asked for directions by people passing through. One of the best features of digital signs is the fact that you can display all types of information. You can easily change the display to show current weather conditions in your city and its surrounding areas, and/or put up a map with popular city landmarks on the screen(s).

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