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Captivate Audiences

While your bank patrons are waiting to see one of your representatives, a display that digitally shows what may be on your paper brochures can play a role in them opening that brand new checking or savings account. Sure, they may have read the pamphlets and already have a general idea about what they want. Still, to influence their decision in the moment, add some specific benefits and incentives that will push them over the edge.

While They Wait

Specials and promotions are always eye-catchers, and your bank customers are continuously looking around the lobby as they stand in the line. While they wait to step up to the teller for their transactions, why not take advantage of this crucial five minutes by displaying bank member benefits on your new digital display? And, as they get closer and closer to the teller, seeing the digital screen will develop questions in your patrons’ minds that are likely to arise when they reach the teller.

Engage your audience

Your bank offers and services will be displayed in clear view on your new digital signage. When more detailed or serious events occur, having a dynamic screen with crucial events displayed will help move business along faster by eliminating extra inquires, especially in your drive thru area of the bank.

Rates & Offers

Bank owners realize that customers need to know as soon as possible about changes such as fluctuating interest rates. There are also times when you may change specific procedures at your bank that long-time customers may have gotten used to. There is no easier way than to inform them of these new modifications via digital signage.

Bank Employee Updates

Making your customers’ experience better is based on how easily it is to relay information to all of the bank reps out on the floor. As a business owner, you already know that all employees--whether they are working behind or beyond the teller counter--need to be constantly in the know. When you utilize your digital signage to do this, it saves you a lot of time and confusion from bank workers that otherwise may not have gotten the memo.

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