corporate communications

smart components you should use:

news feed • stock feed • clock • remote events • charting • google calendar • google drive • dropbox

Sync Easily on Social Media

Whenever large corporate projects are completed, employees and contractors can now broadcast the news more readily. And, now that you have blended digital signage into your work setting, your fellow executives can take advantage of the features. For example, if one of them is traveling for a meeting, it will be easy for them to post tweets about it. Management still has the option of whether or not it appears on the screens in your establishment.

Informed Executives

Corporate workers are always so serious minded, but all work and no play is never good! During their down time, most execs try to think about anything but the office, and being able to put ESPN updates on the screen (to check in on the golf tournament, for example) along with displaying popular media outlets with news that reflects your corporation will boost the morale and lighten the mood of a work environment full of busy-minded associates.

Efficient Broadcasting

For outstanding communication on a daily basis with your colleagues, place a convenient digital display in your board rooms and along one or two of the hallway walls at the office. There are thousands of HD videos and nice images that you can use to show motivational quotes, finalized deals and more!

Advanced Tools

Digital signage within corporate settings allows you to make instant announcements about current office happenings. For example, many executives are already enjoying digital directory applications that make it easy to perform tasks such as updating the names of office occupants and/or suite numbers.

Showcase Growth

Other than keeping everyone in the office sharp and aware, it is a big morale-booster to walk past a digital display that shows company growth. You will have the option of putting up a live dashboard with specific analytics, track your performance, or pull data from Google spreadsheets and show it on the screen for everyone to see.

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