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Facebook and Twitter Buzz

Building a nice social media presence is a snap when utilizing digital signage in your casino setting. For example, you can set up a catchy hashtag that reflects your establishment or connect your patrons using other types of social handles. It will be easier than ever to manage your users, plus you will be able look over and approve the best posts about your business. The best part is that you can control all of this right from your online dashboard.

Your Guests Will Be in the Know

Once you begin experimenting with the features included with your digital signage, it will become addictive! In an upbeat casino setting, graphic advertising is best. You can schedule a series of different pages set around your happy hour times to point out particular drink specials. Your bartender will be swamped with drink orders before you know it!

Make Your Event Memorable

Digital signs are the perfect complement to any private setting. If you have these types of discreet rooms in your casino, placing a big display where all patrons can see will be to your benefit. As they have a good time at the get-together with friends (whether it’s a girls night out or a bachelor party), you could set up images on your new sign that points out prices for those types of events. People at the party may then consider using the place for themselves next time.

Instagram Love

At most events, visitors will enjoy snapping photos inside of the establishment to show how much fun they had later to friends and family back home. All you have to do is choose a hashtag to coincide with your venue’s account; then you will be able to control which pics are seen instead of letting them come up unfiltered.

Communicate with Employees

One of the most loved features of digital signage is the fact that you can easily get messages to all of your employees in the establishment. No more worrying about that one guy who did not get the memo!

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